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Our clients are primarily busy families, business owners, and successful professionals who are motivated to achieve financial security. Our clients approach us for help with strategizing how best to care for themselves when they are older, how to provide for their children’s education, how to meet the financial stresses associated with aging, and often ailing parents, all the while worrying if they will have enough money to retire. These concerns are amplified when caring for a loved one with special needs.

Client Centered

One of the most exciting adventures is taking a road trip. Hitting the open road often brings a sigh of relief and an outlook of impending freedom.

At Empowered Financial Strategies, we enjoy partnering with you to get you safely on your financial journey. We help you define where you want to go, talk about whether you are interested in the fast lane or the scenic route, and what stops you might make on your way. Some journeys are solo trips, and others have multiple drivers and passengers. In our client-focused firm, you are in the driver's seat, giving you the freedom and peace of mind that you have a road map that will lead you safely to your desired destination, all while enjoying the journey along the way.

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